Book now available: Stepping Off the Relationship Escalator

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February 11, 2017 by aggiesez

cover-book-1-medium-borderI know, I know, it’s been a long time since I posted to the SoloPoly blog. I needed to focus my writing energy on a much bigger project: a series of books about unconventional relationships. It paid off; I just published the first one!

Get the book!
Stepping Off the Relationship Escalator: Uncommon Love and Life

This book series, and the research behind it, was sparked by the unexpectedly intense popularity of this Nov. 2012 SoloPoly blog post: Riding the Relationship Escalator, or Not?

Currently, this book is available as a Kindle ebook. Print edition coming soon. Please sign up for e-mail updates, or like the Off the Escalator Facebook page for announcements and special offers for this and future books in this series.

February freebie: This month only, I’m offering a free download of the chapter that discusses solo polyamory.

Download Chapter 13: Going Solo

ABOUT THIS BOOK. Based on over 1500 responses to a survey I conducted in 2013-14, this 25-chapter book explains the traditional approach to intimate relationships (the Relationship Escalator), and then goes on to explore several ways that people step off that Escalator. It covers:

  • Consensual nonmonogamy, including polyamory, swinging and more – and including solo polyamory, of course.
  • Solohood and other ways to share love without merging lives.
  • Egalitarian relationships and other alternatives to relationship hierarchy. Because even in monogamy, “There can be only one!” is one hell of a hierarchy.
  • Asexuality and other approaches to nonsexual or nonromantic love.
  • Fluid, discontinuous and short-term relationships, because love need not be “always and forever to be meaningful and fulfilling. How relationships might end or transition is an important part of this picture.


WHO IS “AMY GAHRAN?” Actually, that’s me. Aggie Sez is a pen name I adopted when I began writing the SoloPoly blog. That choice was never about keeping secrets, it was more about search engines. I’d already established a writing career on very different topics (energy, business, technology etc.) under my given name, Amy Gahran, and it made sense for a while to keep my relationship writing under a separate brand. But it makes more sense to publish the Off the Escalator books under my given name, so no one gets the impression that unconventional relationships are anything to be ashamed of. Aggie has become a nickname, and I answer to either name.

I hope you enjoy this book. If you’d like to support the Off the Escalator project, you can:


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