SoloPoly Facebook Group


Lots of people are into solo polyamory, not just me! Also, lots of people want to discuss solo polyamory, learn more about it, or get solo poly perspectives on relationships and life.

Join the Solo Poly Facebook Group

I’m one of the moderators of this group. We have hundreds of members from many countries. This is a very lively group, with lots of active on-topic conversations at any given time.

This group is a safe place for solo poly people (and those interested in solo polyamory) to speak from our own experience and interests. We support and learn from each other through high-quality discussion, not argument. We welcome the civil expression of a broad diversity of views.

The purpose of this group is to facilitate connection, community and communication about solo polyamory. Anyone is welcome to join and participate — including people who may not consider themselves poly, or solo. However, please understand that discussion of solo polyamory is the focus of this group. This is not a general polyamory or relationship group; nor is it a social group, or a place to seek partners, dates or hookups. But it is a great place to ask questions about solo polyamory, share experiences, and learn.

I look forward to seeing you there!

…Yes, there is another Facebook group that sounds kind of like this one — but this group is far better.

The Facebook group Singleish and Solo Polyamory is larger and older — but it’s also mostly inactive. Our newer group is a very lively community. You’ll probably have more fun here, and find this group more useful.

Why are there two groups? The original solo poly Facebook group got hijacked by one moderator with a special agenda. The rest of the moderator team then started the new group, which has since been steadily growing and thriving — while the original group, sadly, has been languishing.

4 thoughts on “SoloPoly Facebook Group

  1. nycindie says:

    Hi,Aggie. I just visited the Facebook page for the new group and was surprised to find that it is not a private group. The member list is visible to me, even though I did not join the group. Is that a glitch or intentional?.

  2. aggiesez says:

    Yes, that’s intentional. The moderator team has weighed the pros and cons of closed vs secret groups on Facebook,and decided this is the best option, so people searching for such a group can find it and ask to join. We assume members know enough about Facebook to manage their participation within their comfort zone.

  3. Heather says:

    What’s a good Facebook group for someone who’s solo/monogamas and in a relationship with someone who’s Poly?

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