February only: Get my book chapter on solohood, FREE!

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February 21, 2017 by aggiesez

Chapter 13 of my new book, Stepping Off the Relationship Escalator: Uncommon Love and Life covers what it’s like to go solo. That is, to approach whatever kind of intimate relationships you prefer (poly or otherwise) without sacrificing your autonomy or personal space.

This month only (through Feb. 28), I’m offering a free download of this chapter.

Ch. 13, Going Solo: Autonomy In and Out of Relationships

There’s more! If you want to see how Ch. 13 fits into the overall book, check out the detailed Table of Contents.

You can also download the sneak preview of this book: the preface through Ch. 2. This will be available online after February. Nearly 30 pages long, the preview offers an explanation of the conventions that make up the traditional Escalator relationships, plus the five main ways that unconventional relationships step off that Escalator. It’s a good general introduction to the topic, regardless of interest in or level of experience with unconventional intimate relationships.

Get all these freebies at: OffEscalator.com/books

If you’ve read the book, please review it on AmazonAlso, you can comment below to share your opinion, or contact me privately.


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