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  1. Solo Polyamory on Polyamory Weekly Podcast

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    February 21, 2017 by aggiesez

    Episode 504 of the Polyamory Weekly podcast features an interview with Aggie Sez (aka Amy Gahran), author of the SoloPoly …
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  2. Polyamory Weekly on partners, metamours and owning your shit

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    September 10, 2014 by aggiesez

    Yesterday my friend Cunning Minx devoted a good chunk of time on episode 401 of her excellent podcast, Polyamory Weekly …
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  3. “More Than Two” book review: Much-needed focus on the ethics of polyamory


    August 11, 2014 by aggiesez

    Polyamory is one flavor of ethical nonmonogamy. Therefore, you might assume that most people who practice, or are considering, poly/open …
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  4. Autonomy is important, but it’s not all there is to solo polyamory


    October 31, 2013 by aggiesez

    This week the popular Kimchi Cuddles poly webcomic posted a followup cartoon on solo polyamory. (Here’s the first one.) It’s …
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