Are you single & poly? Care to tell your story?


September 7, 2012 by aggiesez

The reason why I started SoloPoly is to present a perspective that seems to get overlooked in much discourse in and about the polyamorous/open community.

There are plenty of poly/open people who don’t have (and maybe don’t want) a primary-style relationship.

Am I talking about you? If so, would you care to share your experience?…

I’d like to interview some people — any sex, gender identity, sexual preference, ethnicity, age, or level of experience with poly or other consensual nonmonogamous relationships.

Are you single and poly/open? Are you only involved in non-primary relationships, or don’t currently have a relationship? Is this by choice or circumstance? How do you feel about being poly/open without a spouse, live-in partner, or similar primary-style relationship?

What kinds of relationships do you have? Do you feel accepted and supported by the poly/open community?

What would you like to share with, or learn from, others in similar circumstances?

Please e-mail meto tell me a bit about yourself and what you’d like to share. We can decide how to proceed from there: you could write a guest post here, I could interview you, or you could post your story elsewhere and I could link to it.

Thanks, and please spread the word!

One thought on “Are you single & poly? Care to tell your story?

  1. Gned the Gnome says:

    I’ve been solo poly for a while but now I live with my new gf for the last several months. I wouldn’t’ve pitched the idea of moving in so soon except that my unemployment ran out and fortunately we were close enough by then to be pretty sure it would work out, and it’s doing fine. We’d both like to find lovers/friends/swingers/whatever for either or both of us, but we’re not in a rush. Technically we’re still separate households since our finances are still separate, but we do share a lot. We’re playing it by ear but it helps that we can discuss anything. So far so good and it seems like it’ll last.

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