Poly Interview: Ethical non-monogamy from a male artist and educator in Chicago

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August 27, 2013 by aggiesez

Excellent interview with Master SoNSo, an eloquent solo poly guy.

Q: What’s the most challenging thing in your relationship(s)?

A: Unlearning couple privilege. All my emotionally significant, committed lovers are married right now, and we keep finding ways in which I am subtly discriminated against out of rote habit – usually within my own patterns. Learning to ask for what I want – and not assuming that just because she met the other guy first, I am automatically Less Than – has and continues to be the work of a lifetime.

Q: If you care to share, can you describe some of your relationship structures? (eg. do you consider yourself polyamorous? Polysexual? Open relationships or closed?)

A: I consider myself to follow a “protestant” form of polyamory, since these days it seems that Polyamory is something that is done by couples who wish to maintain safeguards to protect their existing relationship.

For those not interested in poly-politics, I just say that my goal is to accept whatever joy is offered into my life, as gracefully and fully as I can.

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