Facebook group for solo polyamory


July 16, 2013 by aggiesez

Do you use Facebook? Do you consider yourself solo poly, or just poly/open/ethically nonmonogamous without a current primary relationship (whether by circumstance or choice)?

Then you might want to join the Solo Polyamory Facebook group.

This group exists to facilitate connection, community, and communication about the solo polyamorous lifestyle. It’s a change of place from the vast majority of polyamory/nonmonogamy discussion groups which tend to attract mostly couple-centric perspectives and topics. (Note: there’s nothing wrong with couples, or being part of one, or having hierarchy in relationships. That’s just not the focus of this group.)

Here you’ll find a majority of people who don’t primarily envision themselves or their relationships within an overarching a couple identity. We do have relationships, and we can be committed to partners for the long term — but at heart we’re primarily free agents.

If you don’t consider yourself solo, or if you’re not poly or open, you’re also welcome to join.

This is a closed group — which in Facebook-land means anyone can find this group by searching Facebook, and anyone can join — but you have to request to be added to the group. Also, anyone can see the group name and who’s in it, although only members can view posts there.

Hope to see you there!

2 thoughts on “Facebook group for solo polyamory

  1. Johnny42 says:

    So if you don’t want to advertise to the whole world, and all employers, that you’re in an alternative relationship, then this group isn’t available to you, since anyone can look at your profile and see you’re in this group, right?

    • aggiesez says:

      It’s a closed group so people can find it and ask to join without already having to know someone in the group. That’s important for community building.

      Nonmembers looking at the group can see the member list but not the posts.

      I believe you can hide the mention of the group membership from your profile. So then people would only see your membership if they’re looking at the group.

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